Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Manchester Day Parade 20/6/10

This Summer 20 women and volunteers from WomenMATTA participated in the Manchester Day Parade. The day was a great success and was enjoyed by all participants!

The workshops involved working with the support of an artist (Charlotte Newson) to create unique hats to wear in the parade. Manchester Day Parade was a new event to celebrate the culture and experiences of people in Manchester.
WomenMATTA and the Pankhurst Centre took part in the parade, celebrating women and women's rights. The workshops involved creating costumes in the Suffragette colours.

Both the workshops and the parade itself was enjoyed by all of the women involved. Being involved increased their confidence and self esteem as they were proud to contribute to a community event. The event also helped to break to social isolation of many women involved, as they were able to spend time with other women, get to know new people and feel valued by the other people. It enabled women to integrate into the community, make a positive contribution and practice new skills. The event also helped to raise local awareness of the service, and to enable people to ask questions about the service provided to facilitate access to the service. 


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